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Warp Speed is Exciting, but It's NOT Real Life

Big, flashy changes are exciting. Whether it is homeruns, New Year's Resolutions, or jumping to faster than light speed in the Millennium Falcon, making a splash seems like the way to get things done. In real life though, the flashbulb moment that we see and remember from the outside is either the first step of the journey, the most recent step of the journey, or simply a fantasy. 

The real way to get between stars is small consistent accelerations over long periods of time until the distance succumbs to the weight of our consistency. Rather than hyperspace jumps and worm holes, we'll use habits, values, fun to find our way to a new system. 

P.S. If you don't like that metaphor, send me a message and we'll spend a free session talking about retirement accounts, carving the Grand Canyon, or the Cat in the Hat.


“There are a million Paths in this world... but any sage will tell you they can all be reduced to one. Improve yourself.”

Suriel, the Phoenix, Sixth Judge of the Abidan Court (character from Will WIght's Cradle series)


"He hadn't changed in one giant leap, but across a million little steps."

Brandon Sanderson in Oathbringer


"Find out what you're afraid of and go live there."

Chuck Palahniuk


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